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J1772™ Adapter Box

The J1772™ Adapter box is used to connect an OEM Level II J1772™ EVSE, to a NEMA receptacle. If you have a 240vac charger in your EV and want to connect to a J1772™ charging station, you can use the J1772™ Adapter Box to charge your EV.

The Adapter Box contains a pilot signal generator that enables the 240vac in the EVSE.

Please note that Level II is 240vac only, not 120vac.

J1772 Adapter with label

- We can also put a Security Handle on the side so that you can lock up the Adapter Box if needed.

  • The pilot circut is contained in a Cantex 4x4x2 box with strain relief and mounting tabs,
    • The EVSE needs to see 2 signals before it will initalize charging, the OFF position supplies one signal and the ON position supplies the 2nd signal to close the EVSE contactor so that power is supplied and the LED comes on.
  • 3 ft of 10AWG 3 wire cord (for connection to a 240vac charger only), 2 hots and a ground.(8AWG available upon request).
  • A switch for OFF/ON.
    • OFF for when J1772™ is plugged in and not energized, LED off.
    • ON for charging, LED is on.
  • When charging is finished and you want to unplug, turn switch to OFF and unplug J1772™.

Our switch provides three functions:
First Function:
The switch simulates the two states required by the J1772™ specification for connecting an EV to the EVSE: With the switch in the OFF position, it sends a signal to the EVSE that says 'a car is plugged in and not ready to accept energy'. With the switch in the ON position, it sends a signal to the EVSE that  'a car is plugged in and ready to accept energy'.
Second Function:
When the switch is in the OFF position, the 'ready to charge' pilot signal is not present.  The EVSE will not close its power contacts or if closed the EVSE will open its power contacts when the 'ready to charge' pilot signal is not present or the Pilot signal is opened.  Per the J1772™ standard, the pilot pins are shorter than the power and ground pins.  When the plug is pulled from the car's inlet the Pilot signal is interrupted first.  Since the EVSE monitors the Pilot pin connection, the EVSE opens its power contacts to prevent arcing across the power pins. In addition, on a car that comples with the J1772™ Protocol (such the Nissian Leaf or Chevy Volt), the opening of the latch on the J1772™ Plug initiates a controlled shut down of the charger in the EV.  When the plug is pulled from the car's inlet there is no power circuit for the energy to flow; therefore, no arcing can occur on the connector power pins. This is a double safety to prevent opening the connection under load.
Third Function:
The switch can be used by the user to immediately initiate a shutoff of power to the vehicle from the EVSE,  The user can turn the switch to the OFF position and the EVSE will open its power contacts thus interrupting the power to the vehicle.

Price is $150 plus shipping - Email us for full price


J1772™ Adapter with remote Pilot Box

Pilot Box

This is an alternative to the J1772™ Adapter Box. It has the same specs, switch and LED as the J1772™ Adapter Box but without the 4x4x2 Cantex Box. The Pilot Signal generator is in a seperate box on an 18" cord so that the Inlet can be installed in the 'gas cap' area and the switch in another location.


Installation is simple -

  • Holes are drilled for the J1772™ Plug using a supplied Template.
  • Then the Pilot Box hole is made by filing out the template of the Template for Pilot Box which is superimposed over the J1772™ Plug.
  • The 4 hex bolts and nuts are removed from the 4 holes holding the Plug and Strain Relief together, DO NOT seperate them.
  • The 10 AWG cord is put thru the hole and then the Pilot box is put thru and the Inlet is then screwed into place using the 4 hex bolts and nuts.
  • The Pilot Box can be attached in an appropiate location in the trunk and the 10AWG cord is attached to the charger (8AWG available upon request).
Price is $165, plus shipping - Email us for full price


Inlet alone, no wires

Please note that an Industrial type crimper is needed to crimp the wires into the pins.

- Inlet alone, with pins for 2 power wires (6 gauge), 1 ground (6 gauge) and 2 sense wires (22 gauge)
- Rated at 50 amps
- Strain Relief on back with PG29 Cable Gland

Price is $65 plus shipping - Email us for full price

See the Inlet in action.....


The Inlet with 1 meter of cord

- 1 meter of Black, Red and Green (ground) wire (#10 gauge, Style 1028, 105°C) and 2 sensor wires (#22 gauge), Wire is UL Approved
- No Pilot signal
- Inlet rated at 50A, 10 AWG wire at 40A (8AWG available on request)
- Inlet is not UL Approved

Price is $115, plus shipping - Email us for full price


The Plug Alone
Plug Rubber Protect

- Proximity Switch Incorporated
- Line and Ground Pins will accept a 6 gauge wire
- Rated at 50 Amps
- Plug has attached Cap
- Latch button has 3/16" hole for lock
- 2 Sense wire pins for 22 gauge wire
- Plug is not UL approved

Price is $110, plus shipping - Email us for full price


Plug with 20 ft of cord rated at 30 A

- 20 ft of UL certified EV Cord (black, white and green wire, 10 AWG and 1 sensor wire, 22 AWG), rated to 105° C.
- Proximity Switch incorporated
- Plug is rated at 50 Amps, cord is rated at 30A, therefore max rating for this product is 30A
- Push button has hole for lock
- Plug has a cap that is attached to the Plug

Note - If you require a longer length of cord, add $2.50 per foot.

Price is $140, plus shipping - Email us for full price


Here is a quick summary of the J1772™ products we sell -

Rated Current
Cable Diameter
Wire Details
Cable Color
Cable Length
J1772 Adapter Box
30/40 A
10AWG x 3
3 ft
J1772 Inlet
J1772 Inlet with 1m cord
40 A
see wire details 
3 x10 AWG+ 2 x 20 AWG in open air
Wires - Red, Black, Green
1 m
J1772 Plug
J1772 Plug  with 20ft Cord 
30 A
3 - 10AWG + 1 - 22AWG in cable
20 ft

J1772 Extension Cord


3 - 10AWG + 1 - 22AWG in cable

White / Black
20 ft

If you are interested email us at TucsonEV
Please include your zip code so that we can calculate shipping. We will send you a PayPal invoice

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