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J1772 Extension Cord

A lot of people have been inquiring about a J1772 Extension Cord. It seems that either the length of the cord for their EVSE is too short for them to use, or they park their EV outside, etc.

So I've come up with a price for a 20' J1772 Extension Cord. It has a J1772 Plug with a proximity switch inside, 20' of 30 amp EV cord and a J1772 Inlet. Both the Plug and Inlet are rated at 50A. All pin connections are crimped to Military Specs.


New Price is $215 plus shipping - Email us for full price (EV at TucsonEV dot com) or use the PayPal Shopping Cart (PP shipping prices are for USA only, email us for International shipping)

If you want more cord, it is $2.50 / ft.


Here is a picture of theJ1772 Extension Cord on a Tesla in Hawaii with that lovely green ring.

And here it is dans les rues de Paris, I've gone international!!!

Its a little hard to see, but Christophe has plugged the Extension Inlet into the EVSE Plug directly at the EVSE itself

  He has also put up a webpage about the J1772 Extension arriving
  There is also a 3/16" hole in the Latching button so that you can insert a lock for security

Technical Specifications -

My J1772 Extension cord has a Plug, Inlet and cord that are built to the SAE J1772 Specifications. The wiring inside is not changed in anyway. There are no added fuses, thermistors etc. There is only what the SAE J1772 Spec calls for. The wiring is rated for 30A, as specificed on the wiring, there is only the pilot signal wire inside, as specified by the J1772 Spec. The Plug and Inlet are rated at 50A

When you unplug the J1772 Plug from the Electric Vehicle J1772 Charging port, the Proximity signal acts according to the J1772 Spec and stops the EV Charger from drawing power so that there is no 'hot' disconnect.

If you unplug the J1772 Inlet from your EVSE's Plug, the J1772 Spec has configured the pins on the connectors in such a way that the pilot pin connection is broken before the Power pin connection. As soon, within nanoseconds, as the pilot connection is broken, the contactor in the EVSE is opened and there is no power flowing thru the power pin connection. Again, there is no 'hot' disconnect.

Please note that the wire used in the UL rated EV cord used in the J1772 Extension is 2 - 10 AWG current carrying conductors.

If you are interested email us at TucsonEV (EV at TucsonEV dot com)
Please include your city and zip, so we can give you a final price.
All pictures and drawings copyrighted © by Dougherty Designs
updated 3/28/2015