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Level II 16A to 40A EVSE

I've got a new J1772 EVSE, here are some of it's specificatons -

Input is 110/230vac, great for Level I or Level II
It can be configured to charge from 16A, 20A, 24A, 32A and 40A
You can configure it with either a RFID card or double cliking the button on the faceplate.
It has a circuit board sensor so that if the Temp rises above 70C the Amps are automatically reduced.
It comes with a 14-50 plug, and I have 5-15 Adapters.

It meets SAE J1772 and IEC61851 Standards and is certified

  There is an LED display on the front that shows -
LED Status
EV connected
Connection error
Charging completed
Charging Error

LED Light Indicator
Green Flash
Controller power off
Yellow Flash


There is an OLED screen that shows the

Elapsed time charging
PCB temperature
Status of charging
Voltage of source
KW charging
Amperage of chare
kWh gained

  There is also a 3/16" hole in the Latching button so that you can insert a lock for security

Price is $315.00 Shipping within US included

  If you need a 14-50 to 5-15 EV Adapter I can supply that - $49 plus shipping
  For more info contact TucsonEV (EV at TucsonEV dot com).
  All pictures and drawings copyrighted © by Dougherty Designs
updated 4/30/2021