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The KHONS EVSE is dual voltage EVSE, it can be plugged into 120 or 240 VAC.

On 120VAC it can output up to 12A, on 240VAC it can ouput up to 32A.It comes with a 14-50, 240VAC plug, Contact me for the different plug adapters, i.e.- for the household 5-15, 120VAC outlet.

It has a digital display that provides clear information for the charging Amps, kWh used, time charging, volts and amps charged, temp of the EVSE and kW charged.

Instructions for Use:

1) Connect the 14-50 Plug to power (or 5-15 to a 120vac outlet), the LED Status Screen Readout will show one of the following -

LED  State Fault Yellow State Green Charge Red
Ready Off On Off
EV Connected  Off Slow flash Off
CP Error Off Fast flash Off
Charging Off Pulsing On
Charge Complete Off Off Off
Fault Flash Off off

2) Within 60 seconds, set charging amps to 12A, 24A, or 32A, (depending on the voltage/amps available) by shaking EVSE
box 3 times or more left and right.
3) Check that the display shows the correct parameters.
4) Connect EVSE Plug to EV charging port in car.
5) Charging will commence and display info will show on the Display window



Price is $315, US shipping is included.

Or if you are outside the US you can Email us for full price (EV at TucsonEV dot com) (PP shipping prices are for USA only, email us for International shipping)

If you need a 14-50 to 5-15 EV Adapter I can supply that - $49 plus shipping


Thank you, TucsonEV


If you are interested email us at - TucsonEV (EV at TucsonEV dot com)


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